Membership – ZAIJA Studio Canberra

The objective of our Membership program is to create an environment where our members can flexibly and conveniently enjoy any of the services that ZAIJA offers, and to do it in a way that maximises value and smooths out the ongoing “price of beauty”.

Importantly, we wanted our program to be easy to understand while still meeting its objectives for our members.

To achieve this outcome, our memberships are based on a Credit Point basis. That is, members receive “ZAIJA Dollar” credits with a greater “face value” than official currency.

Your Z$ credits are spent to purchase services at retail prices thereby giving an effective discount to members. For example, a Platinum membership package price of $198 per month entitles the member to $220 Z$ credits thereby providing them with an effective discount of 10%

In addition to providing this discount, members also receive additional value items based upon their level of membership.

Membership Packages are offered on an annual basis, with members able to choose between an upfront payment or equal monthly or fortnightly instalments over the year.